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Working papers

  1. Coraggio, Luca, Marco Pagano, Annalisa Scognamiglio and Joacim Tåg. 2023.”JAQ of All Trades: Job Mismatch, Firm Productivity and Managerial Quality” IFN Working Paper No. 1427, April. Revise and resubmit at Journal of Financial Economics.

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  5. Keloharju, Matti, Samuli Knüpfer, Dagmar Müller, and Joacim Tåg. 2022. “PhD Studies Hurt Mental Health, But Less Than You Think” IFN Working Paper No. 1435, September.

Peer-reviewed international journals

  1. Keloharju, Matti, Samuli Knüpfer, and Joacim Tåg. 2023. “CEO Health.” The Leadership Quarterly 34(3): 101672.

  2. Keloharju, Matti, Samuli Knüpfer, and Joacim Tåg. 2022. “What Prevents Women from Reaching the Top?” Financial Management (Lead Article and Selected Top 1 paper in Fall Issue) 51(3): 711-738.

  3. Koptyug, Nikita, Lars Persson, and Joacim Tåg. 2020. “Should We Worry About the Decline of the Public Corporation? A Brief Survey of the Economics and External Effects of the Stock Market.” The North American Journal of Economics and Finance 51: 101061.

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  19. Tåg, Joacim. 2009. “Competing Platforms and Third Party Application Developers.” Communications & Strategies 74 (2): 95–114. PDF

Book chapters

  1. Economides, Nicholas, and Joacim Tåg. 2013. “Network Neutrality and Network Management Regulation: Quality of Service, Price Discrimination, and Exclusive Contracts.” In Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet, edited by Ian Brown, 121–43. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. SSRN

  2. Tåg, Joacim. 2012. “Real Effects of Private Equity.” In The Oxford Handbook of Private Equity, edited by Douglas Cumming, 269–99. Oxford: Oxford University Press. SSRN

In Swedish

  1. Tåg, Joacim. 2021. “Forskningsprogrammet Globaliseringen och företagen.” Stockholm: IFN. PDF

  2. Tåg, Joacim. 2019. “IFN:s forskningsprogram globaliseringen och företagen 2009–2019.” In IFN 1939–2019 – 80 år av ekonomisk forskning, edited by Magnus Henrekson, 29–48. Stockholm: Ekerlids Förlag. PDF

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  12. Tåg, Joacim. 2009. “Essays on Platforms: Business Strategies, Regulation and Policy in Telecommunications, Media and Technology Industries.” Helsinki: Hanken School of Economics.

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